Add a Roleplayer profile to Elder Scrolls Online Character Page

Add a Roleplayer profile to Elder Scrolls Online Character Page

June 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Donivan Wagner

For Roleplayers, character creation is one of the most important pieces for roleplay. And expressing character's characteristics, gender, height, or racial sub-group is part of this.

Elder Scrolls Online has a great number of features that are always being updated to allow players to make their character just as they imagined. Or as close as they can. However, there are some things that aren't going to be noticeable just from viewing the character in-game. Some things could be missing ears, a non-gendered character, special characters such as a golem, or something as simple as where that character is from and the dialect expected for the character.

Other things could be special rings or what their tattoos represent or in the case of magical tattoos, do.

Having a roleplay profile for other players to be able to access and read would be very helpful to express these.

A person could put their character's history, what battles they were present for, what their profession is, and if they are related to another player's character.

Many games where roleplayer communities congregate have ways to achieve this. Some games have built-in profiles, others have addons that other role-players with the same addon can view.

There are projects to add these for ESO role-players but some have stopped being updated or require you to go to a third-party website to view.

What is being suggested here is to add a roleplay profile into the system itself as part of the scroll wheel when near another player, much like dueling, trading, and the new Tribute card game.

There, a person can view a characters biography.

For a player to edit their own biography, simply add a new function to the character bar when accessing the character's personal menu where the inventory, character, skills, and journal are located.

What this petition is trying to do, is bring enough players to sign onto it and submit this to ESO as a suggestion.

ESO, and in part, ZeniMax Online Studios have been very good listening to player feedback in the past, so a Petition of support may be enough to convince them to look into developing this into the base-game.

-Roleplayers of ESO

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Signatures: 33Next Goal: 50
Support now