Add a lag to Facebook Live

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The attack that killed 50 people in Christchurch, New Zealand was live streamed by the shooter on the Facebook Live platform.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says that it has intelligence to filter harmful content. But this video was still live streamed and widely circulated. And this isn’t even close to the first time harmful content has been circulated on the platform. ISIS and Al-Qaeda content is routinely put on the platform, and live murder and suicide videos are spreading online according to reports.

Adding a five second delay would make it much easier to remove negative horrific content like this before it gets out.

Still, Zuckerberg has been resistant to the idea despite public pressure.

He says it would “fundamentally break what livestreaming is for people.” Adding a five second delay so that their artificial intelligence could have time to stop the video if it’s harmful would “fundamentally break what livestreaming is for people”?

This problem needs to be solved. No more horrific explicit videos. Facebook: add a five second lag to your livestreaming platform.