Please allow Morgan and Flynn to train at the Agility Dog Club of Victoria

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Karen Hollis was awarded life membership of the Agility Dog Club of Victoria. She was a founding member of this club. She was a Club Instructor and served on Committee for 15 years, including 8 years as Club Secretary.  There was never any issue with her performance as a Club Instructor or as a long-standing Committee member.

In 2011, Karen raised her concerns about the manner in which she was being treated by one Committee member, on advice of Dogs Victoria. Unprofessional e-mails ensued. 

Karen has wanted to happily train her dogs at this club which happens to be convenient to her. Instead of discussing this matter with Karen, which is an obligation of the Club,  Karen's life membership has refused to be recognised.

Karen has put a lot into this club over many years. She believes she should be able to participate in this sport.

Karen has not only been excluded from the club, she has been repeatedly called a "stalker" for attempting to resolve this problem. She has repeatedly asked to speak to Club representatives, this has in fact never occurred.

Karen should not be kept out of a Club that she devoted so much time to.

Other Club members are entitled to train their dogs. We ask the club to please recognise her life membership and allow her to immediately train her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Morgan and Flynn.

Karen has helped many people in many ways over the years. Please sign this petition and show your support.