Demand Immediate Action from the Arizona Dept. of Corrections on Coronavirus

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Joe Watson
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As Coronavirus spreads, thousands of families across Arizona are concerned for the health and well-being of their incarcerated loved ones. We demand that Governor Doug Ducey and ADC Director David Shinn work in tandem with one another to take the following immediate steps to respond to this crisis, limit its spread, and provide transparency and accountability to the public:

  1. Work with the Department of Health Services (AZDHS) to develop and make public a crisis plan to protect incarcerated people and staff from COVID-19 that is in keeping with CDC guidelines and best practices in the medical field;
  2. Provide detailed, updated information on a regular basis to all staff, incarcerated people and their families regarding the risk factors, preventive measures, ADC testing and treatment guidelines, any changes regarding prison operations or policies related to the virus;
  3. Immediately release any and all incarcerated people who qualify for Transition Program and/or SB1310;
  4. Order the compassionate release of all terminally and chronically-ill, elderly, and immuno-compromised incarcerated people who are at high risk of infection but low risk to the public;
  5. Halt all unnecessary admissions, including revocations for technical violations of probation or parole, low-level drug offenses, or other short-term, low-risk individuals.