ADC should stop procedural unfairness In practical exam

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There have been many changes to the examination process over the last few years and many of these changes have occurred after we started along the pathway and often with poor communication to the candidates awaiting a practical examination time.

It is procedurally unfair to change the process and goal posts midway through an examination pathway after much expense has occurred and with virtually no notice.

The candidates were promised an interim candidate handbook mid March, this information could have been made available either at the time of the media release about the new centre last year or at the very least at the start of 2018.
Why does all this information about such drastic changes to the exam format come at such a late notice i.e so close to application period for the exam and why do we have to wait until mid-2018 for a definitive practical exam Handbook

All candidates have started study and practice, often at great social expense to family and financial expense and still we have no certainty on the practical examination. We have not been informed except in very general terms the types of exercises that we will expect nor any of the materials or instruments that will be provided. We have not been informed of the the equipment that we will be expected to use.

As the new format is only 14 weeks away we request that the ADC revert to the previous format as

1. The lack of communication is unfair
2. The lack of opportunity to practice to the new format
3. The lack of opportunity to view the facility
4. The lack of information with regard materials, instruments and equipment

Furthermore we request that sufficient time should be allowed between the publication of the definitive handbook and the first of the new examination format thereby allowing the candidates not only to acquire and practice with the materials that will be provided but to ensure sufficient time has been allowed for practice and preparing for the clinical skills relevant to OSCE which are now an integral part of the exam.

We understand that the ADC have the responsibility to ensure contemporaneous examination and assessment methodology, this is not our issue. The total lack of transparency and communication to candidates who have their life on hold is an added burden.