Hold Biglerville High School Responsible for ALLOWING ABUSE Against Students Of Color!

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Biglerville High School has been complicit in the ABUSE and HARASSMENT of students of color for generations, and are still neglecting to protect us. There are specific current staff and administrators that have been complicit with this abuse since the beginning of their careers at Biglerville High School. 

The principal is actively trying to shut us down, inviting a police presence into the school as an intimidation tactic the day we planned to peacefully protest and wear red. 

We have many anonymous confessions from students of color and alumni describing horrific systemic abuse by peers AND STAFF because of their racial and ethnic identity.  


“I am a 14 year old black female student. Mr Foster told me Breonna Taylor’s death by police violence was her own fault.”

“I missed the ball in gym class and a classmate said “Dumb fucking nigger”. Both gym teachers heard it and did nothing. I told Mr. Brewer and nothing was done.”

”They saw me on the stairs and said “Look what we have here boys, a live walking nigger! Where’s your possey?” They hit my books out of my hands and called me a pussy and a stupid nigger. I got sent to the office for being late to class”

”Two boys on the bus yelled “Go back to where you came from, Nigger!” They only got two days of in school suspension”

“The lunch lady calls our table the brown table because we’re Mexican. She asked if I picked the grapes I was eating.”

“They called us monkeys and niggers, told the Mexican students to go back to their country and pick them some apples”

These were not only verbal incidents. The current principal was originally a probation officer at the school. She enforced a school to prison pipeline, calling police many times on students of color who lashed out against racist abuse. Multiple alumni state that the current principal and other current administrators were complicit in racially motivated strip searches when they were children. Some current administrators even saw these children naked in the school office as they were sexually humiliated and their parents were never called. Students were even forced to pay fines for fighting back against hate crimes on school grounds and school busses. 

There are still hate crimes committed on school grounds that go unpunished. This very school year on the first day of school, a black student was spit at in her face as she was called a "nigger" by a white classmate who pulled down his COVID-19 mask to spew the racial slur. Her family called the school and nothing was done. This is consistent with reports of racially motivated attacks from over a decade ago, which are still going unpunished.  

A black student that was the survivor of multiple similar assaults over a decade ago at Biglerville High School states "I left Biglerville High School because I didn't feel protected, I didn't feel helped, and I didn't feel accepted. I don't think (the current principal) cared at all.  She was the one who could have made the difference. She could have called the school together and said, "We need to stop this racism". She didn't care because there weren't enough (black students) to change anything. She only started to punish the students harassing me when there was a threat of exposure and my parents threatened to call the NAACP. She definitely should not be allowed to work in a school system with any children of color."

There are countless more examples at @RacismAtBHS on Instagram. 

Please sign and support us as we are asking the school to:

1. Issue a clear and detailed policy against racism and discrimination for all students, student athletes, staff, teachers, and administrators.

2. Implement harsher MINIMUM punishments for students that racially target their peers and kick them off sports teams.

3. Issue a public apology to the students of color the school has NEGLECTED to protect and the community they were supposed to educate, INCLUDING admitting the systemic abuse that has taken place.

4. Draft a new code of conduct with SPECIFIC policies against racial and cultural discrimination.

 5. Hold the staff responsible for compliance with with white supremacy at any point in history responsible for their actions, including a personal apology to the community and the generations of children of color they failed to protect. Terminate administrators involved and complicit with illegal and racially motivated strip searches against children of color. Terminate the administrators complicit in hate crimes against children of color.