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Adams County Court please appropriately drop escape charges against Shannon Owens.

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Shannon Owens, a friend of mine was booked into Adams County Jail in Colorado. The sheriff's office called on Mr. Owens to be released. He went through the release process just like any other inmate being released showing his inmate Id with his real name clearly marked on the Id to all deputies that requested it as part of the release process. He went through several checkpoints before being released. 

Then after he was released suddenly adams county sheriff claimed that he had pretended to be another inmate who was being released and went on a manhunt for him and claimed he had escaped. Mr. Owens thought the jail was releasing him due to overcrowding. He was staying at a motel very close to the jail when they found him and he surrender voluntarily and with no incidents. I don't think anyone that escaped from jail would stay right next to the jail they escaped from. Also I don't think he would have surrendered so voluntarily and easily as shannon did.

Clearly this was a mistake that adams county made and is attempting to cover up using shannon as their "fall guy" luckily for Adams County Sherrifs office Shannon is not only black but he also has prior criminal charges and best of all for them he cant afford an attorney so he works as a pretty good candidate to pay for their mistakes. What they are unaware of is that on the streets shannon is a pretty good guy that treats people well and even though im white like the adams county sherriff shannon has always treated me well so im more than happy to work for his rights. Please sign this petition  asking adams county district court to drop all charges against shannon related to this incident. My goal is to get enough signatures that they simply cannot refuse to Ignore this and sweep it under the mat. 

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