Increase Gun/Ammo Control In America

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Gun control should be much more strict in America. In just 2018, as of June 11th, there have already been 6,307 deaths and 11,841 severe injuries. In many other countries, such as Australia and Germany, gun control laws are in place, and have reduced gun violence dramatically. 

Some people may argue that increasing gun/ammo control would go against the 2nd Amendment, but...

  1. The 2nd Amendment grants the right to bear arms, but does not state the right to have free access to assault rifles, which were specially made to kill. 
  2. The 2nd Amendment only grants the right to own a gun, but says nothing about limiting the amount of ammo people can have. Limiting the amount of ammo would still allow people to use their guns for self-defense, but would reduce the number of deaths.
  3. The 2nd Amendment was written hundreds of years ago, and was written in the belief of a perfect society, where everyone got along.

We absolutely have to increase gun or ammo control, and put an end to the ridiculous amount of gun violence in America. So join me, and many other people, by signing this petition, and spreading word.