Make the NBA Fair (Mandatory Trade or Release of DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Durant)

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The NBA I grew up watching was a fair one, it was one to where you could pull up any game and see fairness, sportsmanship, and fun. But now, you lose the fairness and the fun. I am contacting you to please do something about GSW. To have a starting lineup that looks like an all-star team should not be legal. let us not forget when the NBA commissioner vetoed a trade so Chris Paul couldn’t play with Kobe Bryant because it would be unfair. That was a good NBA, a one that knew its limits to make a fair game. For some reason, the respectable Adam Silver thinks it’s okay to have a team that literally everyone on the starting lineup that was picked for all-star weekend. The point of all-star weekend was to show the power of the NBA as a whole, but if you let this continue, it will only be the power of a team, Golden State. Do you think it’s fair to allow that? I am just a 16 year old boy from New Orleans and to see DeMarcus Cousins, a great center, take a HUGE paycut for 5 million was the last straw. That should
not be allowed. Please, I implore Adam Silver and the NBA Administration to please do something.