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1-on-1 Competition at the NBA All-Star Game!

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NBA All-Star weekend has lost its luster. The skills challenge is droll. The celebrity game is downright trite. The all-star game is a defenseless blowout. 

What if we replaced them with a ONE-ON-ONE TOURNAMENT??

Let me sprinkle you: Games would be to 7, clear everything, loser's ball, straight up. Let the NBA find a sponsor to put up $1,000,000. Winner of the tournament takes it all home. Players would pull out some insanely ridiculous moves, and we'd finally get to settle some age-old questions of who would win among our favorite rivals. As the tournament narrowed, we'd get some crazy match-ups. Steph Curry v Anthony Davis. Who wins there? This would be basketball at it's finest. 

Possible matchups include:

Kevin Durant v Lebron James.

Isaiah Thomas v James Harden 

Anthony Davis v Demarcus Cousins.                                          

Klay Thompson v human emotion.

DeMar DeRozen v Kyle Lowry (they're best friends!)

Giannis v Steph Curry. 

Damian Lillard v John Wall

Carmelo Anthony v the entire NY Knicks front office

Russell Westbrook v literally who cares

The list is endless! The possibilities infinite, ya smell me? Sign the petition and let's get Adam Silver to make the choice of a lifetime! So, are you with me? As E-40 would say, YUP!

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