Stop Forced Chemo On Children!

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Text of letter to Congress.

As seen in the film Flipping The Script: When Parents Fight Back, parents are having to go to great lengths to gain control of their child’s welfare after a cancer diagnosis.  The child goes into remission after the first 10-45 days for the most common cancers like leukemia and lymphoma, but then are being forced into 2-4 years of intense chemotherapy with HORRENDOUS side effects.  The rationale . . . “so the cancer doesn’t come back.”  But is toxic chemotherapy the only way to keep cancer from coming back?

Science and case studies are showing that in fact long term chemotherapy does more harm than good and is totally unnecessary after the child goes into remission.  What is working is IV nutrients, detox, cannabis oil, testing and nutrition.  There is now a body of evidence both from adults and children, that the key to healing cancer is boosting the immune system, not tearing it down.

But as it stands in the USA, parents do not have the freedom to treat their child as they see fit.  They are forced into long term chemo protocols and if any doctor tries to offer an alternative, they are threatened with loss of license.  No other form of testing is being done for children’s cancer.  This is not expanding our knowledge . . . this is protecting chemo patent holders.

The rationale for long term chemo has been a mythical 90% success rate for which there is no published hard data.  And this supposed success rate is only to keep a child alive for 5 years with horrendous side effects like organ failure, brain damage, relapses and death.  5 years is unacceptable especially since adults and children who have had to go off long term chemo are exceeding the 5 year mark with cannabis oil and natural treatment.  Add to that, chemo does not even kill cancer stem cells.  At $15-55,000 per bag of chemo, it’s easy to see why chemo protocols are in place.

It’s time to put an end to forced long term chemotherapy and start testing natural treatments and modalities that are working.  NO TESTING, NO MANDATE!

Jeff Witzeman
3 years ago