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My precious grandson Adam Carbajal was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome with severe head trauma. He was give less than 5% chance of survival, he did survive but will struggle with severe disabilities for the rest of his life.. The perpertrator, Ramon Curiel is scheduled to be released from Corcoran State Prison on 01/25/15. Ramon will be able to go on with his life, fall in love, get married and wost of all, have children of his own and his wife will never know what he did or what he is capable of doing to a defenseless innocent child, that's is really scary and hearbreaking to me. My goal is to make a registry for convicted child abusers/murders (Adam's Convicted Child Abusers Registry ~ACCAR) . There is no greater joy to try and protect our precious innocent children from monsters like Ramon Curiel~unfortunately, there is many, many more like him!!.. Love AdAmS GrAmA

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Hola, My name is Maria Alvarez Garcia I am the grandmother of child abuse victim Adam Carbajal. My precious grandson was a victim of Shaken Baby Syndrome at the age of one. He was shaken violently and thrown against the wall. He had less than 5% chance of survival. He needed emergency brain surgery to relieve the pressure, bleeding and swelling from his brain, he also had retinal hemorrhaging. He did survive but has been and suffers from severe disabilities. He has severe brain damage, can not walk, talk, do any of the things a 8 ½ year old can do, has the mentality of a 6 month old and gets severe epileptic seizures and knowing that one of them can kill him is heartbreaking and overwhelming. Ramon Curiel, Adam's Perpertrator is going to be released from prison on 01/27/15 after serving only 7 1/2 years for what he did to my precious Adam. He will be able to meet someone, fall in love, get married and worst of all, have children of his own. The scary part of all this is that his wife will never know what he did to my precious grandson and what he is capable of doing to an innocent child!! My goal is to make a registry for monsters like Ramon Curiel, so that their actions will follow them for the rest of their lives~ So that they are never able to go on with their lives and "Live Happily Ever After" . My precious Adam, like most victims that survive child abuse, will never get that chance, so why should they? My goal is to make it a law to have monters like Ramon Curiel have to register after they get out of prison. I want the registry to contain the following information: Their picture, personal information (name , DOB etc), the charges that they were convicted of and the severity of the injury they caused their victims,how much time they were convicted to serve in prison, how much time they actually served in prison. I really believe that we should, as parents, grandparents, etc. have the right to know what kind of person we meet and bring around our loved ones. The registry will allow any of us to go into the registry website, type in the name of a person and make us aware that this person is not who we thought it was. If you found your boyfriend/girlfriend on the website, would you still date him/her? bring him/her around children that you love? I don't think so!! Innocent Children Deserve This Registry-is our jobs as a society to protect them if we have the power..We all should care and get involved-it could be your loved one that could be saved!!!!/AdamsLaw