EU Warehouse for Kingdom Death

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Hey KDM community!

We are starting this petition to show our support for a long term solution for the issues the EU fans are facing with the closing of the KDM EU warehouse some years ago , and now with the UK warehouse due to the Brexit. This means all EU customers have to face different issues concerning customs, handling fees and VAT, and also with big delays because everything needs to be processed when the order enters the EU.

We fully support the idea for a warehouse, a KD EU entity or any other solution for the delivery of future kickstarter waves, orders via the shop or backer kit orders , because otherwise this would mean up to several hundred euros in custom and handling fees.

This is mostly an issue for the EU fan base, however we invite all people from around the globe to show their support.

If anyone has some connections to logistic centers, warehouses or some insights that might help the whole process, feel free to contact us. You can contact us via Discord (Devenir#3102  or CaptainYarrr#5928)

Best regards and stay safe, Millenia and CaptainYarrr