Bureaucracy gone mad - save home based NSW small businesses! #letthemtrade


Bureaucracy gone mad - save home based NSW small businesses! #letthemtrade

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Started by Andrew Toomey

We urgently need the State Government and Local Councils to provide security to small businesses operating from their home address, who are not open to the public and who operate without disrupting the local amenity. 

Allow the sale of products they make as well as the products made by others, direct to the consumer through the "silent" sales channels of online, email and mail order etc.  
Small home based businesses are central to our NSW economy and to our recovery from so many challenges, particularly over the last year.  From drought, to bushfires and now COVID-19.
Most Councils permit the sale of goods from residential and rural addresses, Uralla Shire Council's Planning Department has chosen not to.  If Councils continue to be allowed to prevent the sale of products to the end consumer, regardless of who made the products or how they are sold, as Uralla Shire Council are doing right now, our economic recovery will be impossible.

There are endless examples of businesses that are going to be impacted - and will be forced to close - by the interpretation that has been taken by Uralla Shire Council.  One example is a home based candle maker selling direct to their customers through their social media pages and online, and delivering or posting their goods.

Another example is a Tupperware consultant operating from home, selling through mail order and delivering or posting directly to their customer.  

It makes no sense and the frightening reality is that this could happen anywhere, so we need clarity from the State government, and commitment from our Councils .

Our petition is to get a clear definition of "retail" under the State Local Environmental Plans.  To ensure that the sale of goods to the consumer is permitted through these "silent" channels that do not disturb the local amenity, and that the origin of the goods is not relevant. 

Help communities recover, help individuals and families who are working hard to help themselves!

Why did I start this petition?  I am a Chartered Accountant in the small rural community of Uralla, in the beautiful New England, and I have seen first hand the terrible impact this has had.  It can only cause unnecessary and unreasonable hardship for this to go unchecked.  Both State and Local levels of government must act and they must act quickly.



This petition made change with 902 supporters!

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