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Tougher sentencing for paedophiles & more support for child victims of sexual abuse

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Regarding case of Brenton Kelly Dickson

Director of public prosecutions 

Regarding recent sentencing of the monster that is Brenton kelly dickson, although not convicted of all counts against him. More pending... This man is GUILTY. The minors were groomed rather well clearly to continue to return care. They did not know his actions were out of line.. grooming is what paedophiles do to make their actions seem normal..
He has no remorse, will not accept  consequences of crime..
These children across 2 separate oshc centers are of varying ages. Majority had never meet or even knew of each other until court appearances.

The whole system, both schools, the principles, the teachers and anyone else who just 'cautioned' Brenton on his behaviour are all liable here also. As a mandatory notifier they have a duty of care to follow appropriate channels and report and put a STOP to this!
A grosse amount of negligence and incompetence shown by all involved!
The south australian police , detectives and prosecutors do all they can to bring these vile people to justice. All for one man to take a year to determine not guilty on all but one charge!??
Even then he was not sentenced to the minimum for that crime PSE. Persistent sexual exploitation of minor!

The courage undertaken by all minors involved is astounding. Considering they have to go in alone give evidence and be cross examined all ALONE no support person allowed at all.
Thrust into an adult world way before their time both by the action of Brenton Kelly Dickson and that of our so called justice system. No doubt he will be out in 3yrs even though judge Boylan stated that he is at HIGH risk of re offending!? Then hands down such a pitiful sentence. What does this tell the community at large? That paedofilia is not such a bad crime you will be delt with a rather lenient sentence. What does this tell the victims? That this monsters actions are lawful? That they are not believed? How utterly devastating for those children and families...

We all need to understand it is EVERYONE'S duty to speak out! The reporting process needs to be simplified and we need to empower our community with knowledge they will be listened to and taken seriously.
We demand courageous law makers and Judges.
We demand the word 'JUSTICE' be upheld and stand for what it means.

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