Bring Back Emma Swan for Once Upon a Time Series Finale!

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Once Upon a Time is a tv show loved by many, many people, especially in the past, and it's approaching to an end, as ratings drop, it's likely the seventh may be its final season, this was because most of the cast was changed or left by choice, and the series rebooted, so people lost interest, we do respect this decision by the writers, actors and viewers; many characters have left us, including Emma, who a lot of people loved and we miss her on our small screens, the symbol of light and hope for everyone, a person who was once alone but found family, love and happiness, so we would kindly like to ask Jennifer Morrison and the showrunners to bring back this protagonist and heroine Emma Swan one more time before the series ends, for the 2-hour series finale of the show, whenever that happens, either in season 7 or in the future. Please, at least hear us!

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