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Repatriate Pocahontas to where she belongs

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Pocahontas, the true story, is one of shame, debauchery, the abduction, rape and indoctrination of a child. To realise the extent of what this young girl endured, evident throughout her short life, there’s copious volumes of literature (some better than others) palatable for most readers, but for those who delve that little bit deeper, the disturbing facts of her life begin to materialise.

Pocahontas tolerated and appeased her captors for many years, eventually to the extreme and ultimate sacrificial act of marriage. As the daughter of an Indian chief (Wahunsonacock, founder of the Powatan confederation) she would be trained and well versed in this dark art, however, her desire to return to her native home remained prominent throughout her captivity.

Afflicting such physical destruction, cognitive wretchedness and depravity on another person is unacceptable in todays humanistic society and indeed such unchaste, illicit, immorality, goes against every grain of common accedence; the perpetrator/s of which are befittingly removed from society. Nevertheless, just because this Mephistophelian behaviour was not only tolerated, but accepted and condoned some 400 years ago, does it mean that the victim and Pocahontas was a victim, should rest with her antagonists, in a town and country she has no connection with?

It is wrong on every conceivable level that her body remains in this country as we (the unashamed English) continue to exploit and profit from her short life.


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