Repurposing Castle Air Force barracks for Homeless Veterans reintegration program!

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Here is Protecting Soldiers Rights idea for what we envision the old military barracks at retired Castle Air Force base . It can be converted into living and rehabilitative services for homeless veterans in a secured location away from the town center. 

We would like to obtain/restore at least two of the military barracks on the base. They will need to be cleaned and repair’s made as necessary.
Our idea for the homeless Veterans housing, It will be open to all Veterans with no exclusions, also including those with a felony conviction. It is my understanding that Section 8 excludes some Veterans because of felony convictions. We at PSR firmly believe that this just creates more homelessness, and hinders our ability to get our Veterans out of the elements and back on track. 

Minimum start up positions and programs that we are offering with the program are:

(A) Program Director
(B) Intake Services
(C) Mental Health Counselors
(D) Substance Abuse Counselors
(E) On site staff to assist Veterans
(F) County Veterans Service Officers

The barracks will be two man rooms with access to showering and eating areas. The barracks will also have classroom, recreational, and meeting room areas to conduct meetings and training for the veteran participants.

Funding needs for operational costs:
Repairs and up keep of buildings
Salaries for the full and part time staff.

We believe that food, clothing, and other items necessary for the Veterans can be donated or the operational funding grant can have these area allocated in the budget. All meals will be prepared on site by Veteran volunteers. All Veterans admitted into the homeless veterans program will be required to abide by a written contract and must participate in the programs. The conditions are to abstain from alcohol or illicit drugs to maintain a clean a sober life. To attend mental health counseling to help resolve the issues that lead to them becoming homeless. To have them connect with Veterans Service Officers to apply for Veterans benefits and assist them in applying for any possible disability benefits and/or pension for service related disabilities.
The end goal is to help the Veterans who will be in the program to become self sustaining and a productive member of society.

What does I have your six mean? It means we have your back and we stand ready to help you. You served our nation and we stand ready to help you, help yourself.

This is an over view of our ideas at PSR on the possible idea for converting the old military barracks into homeless veterans housing and rehabilitative care.

We need help in seeking and preparing a grant proposal and meeting the necessary people to get this program up and running.

You can look at information on Protecting Soldiers Rights on our website.