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Release a new episode of Norm MacDonald Live in late June, 2017

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Since late September 2016, fans of the Norm MacDonald Live program have been deprived of any new episodes, with little reason as to why. This is, of course, after two episodes aired for the first time in over two years. Daniel Kellison of JASH, an internet comedy collective who produces the show, has promised multiple return dates. Still, to this day, he has yet to tell the truth. His most recent "promise" is of late June. If the program continues its regular Monday night release time, that would mean he has one more chance, June 26th 2017, to release a new episode. It is of common knowledge that episodes have been recorded with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman, so to withhold such gems appears to be a sadistic attack on the long-suffering NML fan community. Many member have threatened protest and self harm relating to the castration of one's genitalia. This is not a malicious attack against Daniel Kellison or Adam Egret or even Norm MacDonald, but rather a cry for help. We are in pain, and you can be our saviors. All you have to do is release the fucking podcast

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