SMHS vs. MHHS: Settling it in Fortnite

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SMHS vs. MHHS: Basketball Game.
MHHS Court.
San marcos is Leading.
How does MHHS Respond?
”Let’s play Football!”
SMHS’s Retaliation?
”Let’s play Soccer!”
What does MHHS say?
”Let’s play Fortnite!”
And to that, I say, challenge accepted.
Help me make a 50 vs. 50 (or 22 SMHS + 22 MHHS Squads) to settle the score.
For that, I would need:
- Approval and support from both SMHS and MHHS Principals/ASB’s for me to run and organize this event
- Contact to Epic Games, creators of Fortnite, to gain access to create custom matches.
Knights AND Grizzlies, sign this petition to help settle the score to see who the best school is.