STOP! HMOs on Buckingham Road

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A very large house (The Old Vicarage) with two adjoining flats has just been vacated by the family who used to live there. We have now discovered that they are attempting to convert all the buildings into Houses of Multiple Occupancy which will accommodate 20-40+ people.
The house is situated on a residential street which is populated by young families and elderly people. We do not believe that the development of HMO's would be suitably placed here as there is not the infrastructure to support such a sudden influx of people ( parking and traffic are already a nightmare ! ) let alone any other issues that HMO's brings.

We would be very grateful if you could sign our petition and oppose the opening of HMO's in Buckingham Rd .The owner was originally given planning permission to convert the properties into four family homes. We believe that the Planning Dept at Redbridge Council have a duty to ensure that the owner adheres to / honours these plans.

Personal story
We are a group of concerned residents who are worried that the development of HMO's will have a detrimental effect on the area and that once a precedent has been set other houses will also be turned into HMOs.