Decision Maker Response

Adam B. Schiff’s response

Feb 25, 2020 — We are all shocked and horrified by the murder of Amie Harwick, and my thoughts are with her family and friends at this time. Violence against women continues to be a scourge in our society that must be eradicated, and the circumstances of this crime by a man who had been subject to a restraining order are all too common and horrific. While this issue gets broad attention when those well known to the public are victimized, it affects countless women all over the county.

Protective orders need to be easier to obtain and renew, and their enforcement — from police to prosecutor — must be much more highly prioritized to be effective. I have met with police, the city attorney and district attorney to advocate for victims on this issue, and I am going to continue to pursue the matter until all victims are protected.

In Congress, we can start by reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act which was passed by the House last year and remains held up by opposition in the Senate.

I look forward to staying engaged with your effort and doing everything I can to protect victims of domestic violence and secure Justice 4 Amie.

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