Stop the Berkeley County WV Water Increase

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On April 24, 2017, the Berkeley County Water Board approved an increase of 8.43% to the water and sewer bill for Berkeley County, WV residents. This increase is due to start in July 2017.

According to the board, this increase is required to meet the necessary operational costs and will raise $953,500.  They need roughly 50% of this increase for savings and are currently only able to manage financially through the use of credit.  While this is the first operating increase since 2013, this will be the fourth increase since May 2014.

This petition is being written to request that the Berkeley County Council reject the current request for an increase until the citizens of  Berkeley County are provided with a business plan that shows clear traceability of current budgetary expenses and future expenses, as well as, objective evidence that shows process improvements efforts to save as much money as possible.  Examples of this objective evidence includes, but is not limited too, Statistical Process Control (SPC); Engineering Process Control and Six Sigma Tools. 

As citizens, we ask that every sector of our government be transparent, diligent, and accountable, but most importantly, be willing communicate and collaborate with those individuals paying the bills.