Stop Objectifying and Sexualizing Women on advertisements.

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Billboards, commercials, magazines, radios and newspapers are just one of the many ways that sexualization and generalization has been shown. While many people fight for equality many people still agree with sexualizing and generalizing people on advertisements. You have probably heard of the tagline “only real men drink colt 45” but a picture of a model wearing a bikini was shown, or you’ve seen the advertisements for skin cleansers saying that they’re ‘crush’ won’t like them because they have a pimple, or you’ve seen multiple beer commercials saying that they could only get confidence when they drink beer, or the infamous bikini photoshoot along the EDSA-shaw boulevard flyover that caused a major traffic, and for sure you have seen multiple billboard ads containing sexualized pictures.

According to the Magna Carta of Women (Republic Act No. 9710) “Non-discriminatory and non-derogatory portrayal of women in media and film to raise the consciousness of the general public in recognizing the dignity of women and the role and contribution of women in family, community, and the society through the strategic use of mass media;” but how will this be upheld when certain advertisements allow this “sexualization” to happen. Although some people or girls allowed their body to be sexualized, these ads should be censored and there is no law that stands against it.

A campaign entitled “Women not objects” was launched January 2016 and they released a video about certain advertising companies that objectifies woman. And In this video we see companies for burgers, perfumes, beers and more. But what is unusual was that these products has no direct relation to women specifically. Some of these companies were avid supporters as well.

CNN also released an article about objectifying women “How to create ads that don't objectify women”. "I'd sell my body for a burger," a woman in the video says in an ad for Carl's Jr. was questioned by the multiple people. Carl’s Jr. said in an interview for CNN "The women in our award-winning ads are intelligent, talented and beautiful professional actresses and models who often reach out to us and voice their interest in being part of our fun, iconic ads. We also use female role models in our advertising. Our commercial featuring the uber popular UFC champion and judo Olympian Ronda Rousey last year is a prime example of that. We have only the greatest respect for women and their contributions to society at all levels in business, at home and in the community." But what is odd is that these girls were made example for what a woman's body should be for.

 Certain advertisements downgrade morality, self-confidence of people as mass media has become the ideal standard for beauty, importance, and confidence. And it should be looked up, and given guidance to this.

 If the petition is agreed upon and implemented, advertising companies should ban or stop approving the sexualizing, objectifying and generalizing women in their advertisements so that women could uphold their dignity. So we would like to ask the Ad  Standards Council (ASC) and the Movie & Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to give a solution that would benefit both businesses and women’s advocacy groups.

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