Please give us eye drops to treat our cataracts now, before we go blind!

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     Please sign the petition to fast-track cataract treatment eye drops!

I am a scientist living in Japan who has been suffering from cataracts for the last 3 years.  Recently, they have progressed very quickly and now my life is a living hell.  Millions of people around the globe are living in the same nightmare created by cataracts, but currently there is no treatment except surgery.

Yet surgery is not a treatment.  Surgery destroys the natural lens inside your eye, and swaps it for a plastic lens which is foreign to the eye. Consequently, visual loss following cataract surgery is not uncommon.  Even if the surgery is successful, there is a high risk of secondary complications.  For example, many people work under LED lights which contain a high proportion of blue light without a mitigating red component, and for these people, destruction of the natural lens in cataract surgery will lead to a significantly higher risk of macular degeneration progressing to blindness.  There are many other problems such as loss of eye accommodation and scanning performance, an elevated risk of retinal detachment for myopes, inflammation, infection or dislocation of the implanted plastic lens, not to mention the high frequency of secondary cataract following the operation - and in a few cases, even loss of the eye.  So it makes far more sense to restore the clarity of the natural lens without exposing patients to unnecessary surgical risks and complications.

However, for the eye profession and plastic lens implant makers, cataract surgery represents an annual income in the US alone of $14 billion.  If cataract were to be treated instead by eye drops, most of that $14 billion would evaporate fairly quickly.  Added to which patients could treat themselves simply at home, which detracts from the prestige of the eye profession.  No doubt for these reasons, although since around 1980, biochemists around the world have developed eye drops that act to reverse cataract via different  biochemical pathways, the eye profession has been very reluctant to try them out and perfect them.

Several new eye drops will eventually be clinically trialed in the US: one based on lanosterol will be trialed by Acucela Inc., and others based on different sterol compounds, by Viewpoint Therapeutics Inc., but it appears that the first trials will not happen until December 2017.   Although we know the natural lens should be saved and its function restored at all costs, we are losing more vision every day.  Many of us are already blind or facing blindness, including myself, although I am still able to use a computer.  Therefore, if you or a family member are affected by cataracts, and you prefer to restore the clarity of the natural lens than have it destroyed surgically, we implore you to sign this petition so that we don't have to wait until December 2017 to get treatment.  Please, let them know you care.  Next year, don't let millions more - maybe your loved ones too - be forced to succumb, sacrifice their natural lens to the knife and run surgical risks when eye drops like these already exist.  Sign the petition now - for us, for you, and for the world.












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