2020 ACU Melbourne Graduates to be able to attend a graduation ceremony at a future date

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I'm not normally someone to write a message like this but I believe this is something worth talking about as it is going to effect all University graduates across the state and country. I am sure ACU Melbourne is not the only University trying to save time and money by not having a graduation for students in 2020. I completely understand that their is a global pandemic and a graduation ceremony is not feasible at this given time but after 4 and a half years of hard work, dedication and perseverance I was proud to be the first person in my family to graduate university and go to university. It was a momentous occasion for me and my family. I knew that I wouldn't be able to have a graduation ceremony this year but I was hopeful I could share this moment with my mum and sister in the future. I lost my father a year before going to university and after feeling really bad at the time I pushed myself to enroll at ACU and end up finishing the top of my class in my last year receiving the Executive Dean's commendation award. Not being able to wear the robes and get to go up on stage with my double degree and see my mum smile again would have made me so happy. To hear that there is no longer a graduation for me and summer graduates (not even an online one) is very poor from the University. I don't think they quite understand the extent of this achievement for many students but are happy to take our money. The email I received from the University was an effort to try and keep people like me not making a fuss about it but I think it's about time these universities get called out for what they are. I am extremely disappointed in my university as I had such a good experience there up until this point. I hope you can support my petition to do something about this. University’s in London and all across the world have postponed there graduation to next year and at the bare minimum have had an online graduation for students. Why can’t something like this happen in Australia and in our universities here?