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Improve Education → Improve the World

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A petition for effectively tackling the personal, national and global issues of our time

This petition is striving to raise the volume of our voice for transforming education into what it needs to be, so people with the resources and influence have to listen.

When you left school did you have a clear understanding of your talents and what directions to pursue, so you could realize your full potential? Or, were you struggling to figure out what to do next? Shouldn't the primary objective of education be to help you find the best pathways to a fulfilling life?

Do you feel like you're being left behind or your concerns ignored in a rapidly changing world? Do opportunities for a good life seem to be further and further out of reach? Education shouldn't be about deciding who are destined for success and who have to fend for themselves. Why are so many students floundering after they leave school? How is it they lack a clear vision of who they are and what to do? It is a tragedy that the main goal of most students is simply to get a grade or diploma, instead of acquiring the skills and knowledge that will help them have successful lives. It's time for education to serve the youth of this country, instead of political agendas, special interests, and rigid ideologies. It's time for change.

The undersigned support the following goals for transforming education:

 Restructure and reorient education so

1.  it helps all students discover their potential and the means for realizing it;

2.  it prepares all students for all facets of their lives;

3.  all learning activities are designed around how people actually learn;

4.  it is steeped in personalized, experiential learning that is engaging and purposeful;

5.  it accommodates all best practices and makes them readily accessible;

6.  all learners have the choices, flexibility, and transferable skills/knowledge, to deal with a rapidly changing world;

7.  it enlightens the youth of this country and empowers them to effectively address the pressing issues that shape their lives.

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