Actors & Cricketers Should Stop Endorsing Tobacco & Alcohol With Surrogate Advertising

Actors & Cricketers Should Stop Endorsing Tobacco & Alcohol With Surrogate Advertising

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Why this petition matters

Superstars endorsing tobacco/alcohol products influence young minds and it is difficult to make them understand the harmful effects. 

I am a School Principal with first-hand experience of what impacts young minds on day-to-day basis. During the SSC and HSC exams (classes 10 & 12), I was shocked to see the number of students who had already begun indulging in pan-masala and tobacco. It was disheartening to see them having picked up this habit while in conformity due to the lockdown.

On some research and talking to many students and parents the most shocking aspect that came out was the effect of the superstars endorsing pan masalas and other such products on TV.  So popular these commercials are among these young students that the taglines and dialogues spoken by the actors are on the tip of their tongues. 

Maharshtra Government Regulation dtd 7/2015 for schools regarding prevention and prohibition of tobacco sale in the school vicinity speaks about prohibition of sale of tobacco and other related products within an area of 100 metres from the school gate 

The students get into habit of gutka or similar products at a tender age and are addicted. The consumption of Tobacco products has increased so much recently that as a result WHO has declared it a global problem.

According to a global youth tobacco survey, more than 14% of the Indian children between the age group of 13 to 15 years consume tobacco. The Pan Masala also contains tobacco, which raises the risk of cancer of the oesophagus, mouth and throat, and pancreas. The question is who is responsible for the attractive advertisements enacted by top film stars streaming right into the living rooms? These commercials repeat in the middle of Cricket matches, Award ceremonies and other popular TV programmes. TV viewing increased considerably during the lock down. After the schools have reopened it is alarming to see many students chewing such tobacco products. 

If we care for these young children’s future, there is an urgent need to raise voice against such advertisements, even if they are in surrogate form.

9,459 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!