Appeal to recognize Diwali as a holiday - AB School Committee

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Appeal to recognize Diwali as a holiday - AB School Committee

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Acton Boxoborough School Committee

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Started by Deepika Prakash

This petition is for all families in Acton Boxborough School District in Massachusetts. 

It was great to see schools closed for Rosh Hashanah. Not only does it give people the day off to celebrate, it also sparks curiosity among those who do not know about the holiday and gives us the opportunity to explain other cultures to our kids.

We are not Jewish but we spent the day talking about it and now my 6 year old knows what it is.

On the same note, I long to see the day when schools will recognize Diwali - The Indian Festival of Lights. 

I am starting this petition to appeal to the school committee to not only put Diwali on the School Calendar, but also have the day off so kids can celebrate it with their families.

If the committee is concerned about too many days off, we suggest either shorten or completely take away the Feb Vacation or shorten summer vacation which is too long for elementary school kids. 

This appeal is for anyone who believes in celebrating our religious and cultural differences and teaching our kids their value. Please sign it and help bring about this change. 


About Diwali


For those not familiar with Diwali, it is celebration of good over evil and in some parts of India, it is also celebrated as the new year. Families clean and decorate their homes with colorful painted lamps, Rangoli and lights. Before sundown, they gather together in one room and pray for health and prosperity for their own family as well as others. Then of course there is food :) Think of Diwali as Thanksgiving and Christmas combined. 

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This petition had 298 supporters

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