Call on CA Democratic Party to Reject Antisemitism & Fight for a Bold Progressive Agenda!

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This week, the California Democratic Party (CDP) Convention will take place in Long Beach. At a time when marginalized communities across America are facing rising hate crimes and ostracization, women’s rights are under attack, and climate science is being denied, it is vital that state party platforms advance bold, justice-focused agendas.
For many years, California has served this purpose for the national party.

Unfortunately, there are individuals within the CDP who are working to add incendiary and divisive amendments to the platform, designed to target and marginalize the Jewish community and demonize the world’s only Jewish state: a safe haven for a historically persecuted and marginalized community. In fighting for a change in U.S. foreign aid to Israel, these activists are putting Israeli, Palestinian, and American lives at risk. And in demanding a boycott of Israel––and no other country––these activists are dividing progressives and distracting from the advancement of a domestic agenda of which we can and should all be proud. 
At this moment of rising hate, progressives must stand together in solidarity with all marginalized communities, including American Jews. These amendments, however ostensibly well intentioned, are perceived by Jews as an attack. It’s different than the violent physical attacks our community has faced in synagogues and on the streets, but it’s an attack on our very identities, demanding that we us choose between our commitment to social justice in America and our own movement for liberation and self-determination in our indigenous home: Zionism. We need our allies to stand alongside us in the rejection of this pernicious false choice.
The CDP convention will set the tone and agenda for the national Democratic Party. We cannot allow divisive amendments relating to one of history’s most complex conflicts to distract from the important work of uplifting and empowering oppressed communities and fighting for a more just and equitable United States of America.
Please join us to protect and advance the progressive movement by signing this petition, urging the CDP Delegates to vote against amendments targeting the Jewish community. And then join us again on November 16th at the Facing Antisemitism Solidarity Rally in the lobby of the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center. For more details click here.