Unlock Black Ops 4 DLC Maps - Change Your DLC Model!

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Recent Black Ops 4 news has had a very negative uproar from the community. This all comes from the DLC model that BO4 has introduced.

The Black Ops Pass (Season Pass) This pass allows players to access:

  • 4 New Zombie maps
  • 12 Multiplayer Maps
  • 4 Exclusive Blackout Skins

And thats not all to purchase the 'Black Ops Pass' you need to buy the deluxe edition of the game which costs around $120.00 for a game with added DLC content. To make things better this is the only way to get the Black Ops Pass you can't buy it separately. Which is terrible!

More and more big game creators have changed the DLC model recently as games like Fortnite have proved then can be more successful and make the community happy. Making there DLC models a lot more consumer friendly. A few of these are:

  • EA with Battlefield 5 (Free maps throughout the year)
  • Overwatch (Give out free maps every now and again)
  • Fortnite (Update there game weekly, while adding items at the same time)
  • Ubisoft with The Division 2 (Free maps throughout the year)

This is just to name the recent big games that have been changed over for the better.

The Black Ops 4 DLC model is extremely out dated now and this needs to change. The current DLC plan will split the playing community up and make it hard to find games as different maps aren't available for everyone. This has been proven in the last few titles in the Call Of Duty franchise. 

So What Needs To Be Done...?

First of all we need Activision and Treyarch to acknowledge this as they at least need to give us some confidence and let us know there trying/making progress.

Some of the big gaming news outlets are already onto this topic and I will link a few for some more context on the issue.

We also have a few of the bigger Youtubers that are highlighting the issue which is great for coverage. To name a few:

There are many ways they can work around this and change the model so as long as we see an improvement then we have done our job.

So in an attempt to get this DLC model changed Im trying to get as many people as possible to sign this to get Activision/Treyarch to notice the growing concern.

Please sign this and lets see how far we can go with this :)

I will continue to update this post. Let do this!!