Activision to Remaster the Remaining Call of Duty Modern Warfare Titles

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (“MW2”) was one of the franchise's most popular titles; arguably the best of the whole series, even to this day. Within 24 hours of its launch MW2 became the best-selling Call of Duty title in history. This was not a surprise considering the success of Modern Warfare, which brought life back into Call of Duty. A lot of Call of Duty players we have come across in our time have always said that MW2 was one of their favourite games.

There would be nothing better than a reboot of this classic game, and its successor, Modern Warfare 3 (“MW3”), in HD graphics. MW2 was the Call of Duty game that everyone remembers and knows well; quick scoping became a trend, deadly and fun kill streaks were introduced and players would spend hours challenging themselves to get the all-powerful ‘Tactical Nuke’ and rise up through the prestige ranks. For every title that followed, players say that nothing came close to the brilliance of MW2.

On March 16th Amazon Italia accidently leaked the foundations for the listing of an Xbox and PS4 release of MW2, suggesting that we're likely to get a remaster.

This has since been removed from the Amazon Italy website and after being questioned of this Activision provided no further comments about the 'rumour' for now...

Even if these rumours are to be believed, the Surge Network still deems it necessary to uphold and demonstrate the wishes of the community to the developers, to encourage them to go down the re-mastering path. To do this, will be discussing the reasons why the ‘Modern Warfare’ series did so well for the franchise and paved the way for future first person shooter games after it. We will cover how the re-release of MW2 and MW3 would be a success for Infinity Ward and will bring lost and disgruntled fans back to the franchise. If Activision were to re-release these games in pristine high definition along with dedicated servers and no hackers, it would be perfect right? If the above rumours are to be believed then there is a good chance of the former happening.

Indeed, 2019 will be the turn of Infinity Ward to release a Call of Duty title. The big question will be whether they intend to make a Modern Warfare 4, Ghosts II or even a standalone MW2 re-master. We're just hoping they don't bundle a new game alongside a re-master because we all know how bad Infinite Warfare was...

But what made the Modern Warfare titles so iconic? We have touched on the surface here, but The Surge Network will dive deeper into this through getting the community on side and petition for the re-release of these games.

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