Keep CoD WWII historically accurate!

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Call of Duty WWII was said to accurately depict the setting and feel of World War II. The removal of swastikas and inclusion of females on the front lines is simply wrong. Take a moment to think about the following questions.

Why is campaign unaffected, yet multiplayer is? If the goal is to create a non-offensive game, why include Nazi imagery at all? Those who will take offense surely will complain about this wherever it is displayed in the game. It isn't simply because some countries have it banned, they could censor it just for them like World at War did.

Why were female soldiers added into the multiplayer? Was it to make the game more fun for the players? Or was it to please certain groups of society and increase sales?

If you're like me and care for this game to have an accurate depiction of the setting and feel of World War II, please consider signing this petition!