Rent _ Player Hosted & Owned _ Ranked _ Public Servers(Dedicated?) Like - Call of Duty Bo1

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With a frame model such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 - we the players, once had more freedom, and more control over our gaming experience.  From things such as ping management, banning hackers, certain map rotations and even certain game modes.  We could have Clan Vs Clan battles & tournaments.  Have our clan [TAGS] actually mean something more with their OWN server.  The list goes on..... but... it was taken away from us...



As a few of the list of benefits mentioned above, now lets list them: 

  1. Ping management: On your own server, you could set limits who could play on it, or give auto warnings, or even kick ppl with too high pings using the admin rcon tool / programs.  Today's games, they don't even permit us to see the ping numbers!! We get ping bars, which could mean anything!
  2. Server Messages:  You could select welcome messages for your server, rules for server, player info how many times been in server etc.
  3. Stats: You can have stats just for your own server, whatever everyone's KDR is, TopKills, etc.
  4. Map rotation:  Want your server to be able to just play a certain map over and over 24/7 - maybe you like NUKETOWN - small map, fast pace action... or maybe u would rather relax a bit, blend in with the snow on ARRAY.  Or just maybe you played Tribes Vengeance and Preferred playing on EMERALD constantly.  Perhaps you were sick of playing with Titans in Titanfall and just wanted to play a game on the same map server with same people or your clan as pilot only..... With some of these games..once apon a time, you could....
  5. Banning Hackers:  Wish Activision and other games invested more money in preventing hackers, maybe support IN-GAME hacking report - with a actual follow through???  Well if you could have your own server for your clan, you could promote members to admin and when hackers came in, ban them when needed!
  6. Community:  You build a sense of community by having a clan with your own server, people play together a lot, its not just about playing with a bunch of randoms, we play online with others to make friends or just know we are beating someone at the same game through competition.  When you randomly Queue for the new games these days, you have no idea who you get to play with unless you deal with some cumbersome "group" add feature.
  7. Pre-Match:  You know how they make you queue for a game, sit around and do nothing while you wait for enough people to join, so you can have a game?  That painful wait process.... We didnt have to worry about that, we had Pre-Match, where we could join in the server, play around in a FFA mode or whatever until enough ppl showed up then game would auto-start.  I very much DISLIKE hanging around doing nothing....
  8. Clan vs. Clan:  Having the prestige of your own server encourages others to do the same.  There you have more competition to recruit members, find good players to admin server, plan clan vs clan games and have little rivalrys.  Not anymore... In the end, I will tell you why, but first there is more....
  9. Selection of Servers:  In these games we used to have, you would see servers listed from a column menu, you could search by ping, name of server, population of server.... You in the mood for just CTF, you could filter only the servers online by that particular game mode.  So many benefits, lost....
  10. Playing your game style:  Everyone has a favorite way to play, this gives everyone the freedom to try to band together with clan members and friends that play the same way they do, within the same game building a community in the process.  People are lost to games because they get sick of playing modes or maps they don't want to, sometimes even quit if they get plunged into a map or mode they don't want.
  11. Spectating:  I miss this!  Being able to watch how some of my team plays or clanmates.  Watch a little closer that guy I think might be hacking.... easier to record others, or just take a quick break without leaving game, perhaps phone call or bathroom, whatever it is.. it helps
  12. Match Making:  This matter's little with player owned servers... Many times, to make teams even, players will switch sides to balance it themselves.

Please do not underestimate the player's desire to have this available.  I have talked with so many people over the years that miss this.  Some continue to play same older games because these features are not present in newer games.  DO NOT GIVE US UN-RANKED!!!  We don't want that, thats a waste of time for you and us!  There is no point, no one is ranking up weapons, prestige, doing challenges etc... maybe for a short game between friends, but more than that, its a waste of space... MUST BE RANKED!

Dedicated Servers:  I think there is a misconception here.  People have called player owned servers "dedicated" I have even myself until someone told me, thats not really accurate as "dedicated" server is resource allocation.  Usually many "servers" aka games, can be running on one "machine" aka the physical server... Dedicated is more taking all the other games/servers off that machine so you have one machine for the one game..... that is a high cost venture and not really necessary for most gamers.  But what we desire in the very least is:  Player owned, Player hosted, Player controlled, Ranked, Public Servers, we can manage ourselves, play how we want with the people we want to do that with.  All while enjoying the normal progression.

I think if publishers and devs wanted to bad enough, they could implement both systems of player hosted & current queue systems in newer games.  They did it "kind of" in bo3 but only with Un-ranked... which we already established is pointless to us.  So it is possible!

Now lets have a look at some LINKs to threads others have made already... believe me, there are more out there... I just grabbed a few from a post I made about a year ago...I'm sure you can find other's on reddit etc.... 


Lets list some Pros for Publishers & Developers to consider:

  1. You make customer's happy
  2. You will get less complaints about "hackers" because we can handle that
  3. Less complaints over "match-making" issues
  4. You will get some players that will stick it out longer, playing the game longer, buying more "stuff" for it...
  5. Maybe you could make a expansion pack for the same game instead of just going on to make a new game... I'd still pay 60-100 for a expansion vs having to start all over with a new game, new friends etc... 
  6. Building more community, encouraging clans and loyalty to servers... creates more activity on forums, discussion, planning for events etc...

Now lets list the MAIN CONs for Publishers & Developers:

  1. Can anyone guess what it is?... there is really only 1 main con.  It's MONEY.  With the current system in place for publisher's like Activision, why would they want you to like the game "too much" - enough to have your own server, clan, build your own website, invest in all these things????  They have a new game coming around the corner... They "NEED" you to buy that... The system is setup so the population in games slowly dies off, as it dies off from lack of interest, people playing other games, there are less people to queue.... remember sitting in queue doing nothing while waiting for enough people for the game to start? Thats when the game was within its first year.... well now its worst, it starts a chain reaction for people to stop playing because not enough ppl to queue with... so they go buy the next game.... Player owned servers stops or slows down that process...... THAT my friends is the Truth of why they don't want to re-implement it... They will give you other excuses but when it comes down to it... It's about the money. (with some exceptions)
  2. There are some "nay-sayers" for this request... I do know some of those complaints.  Let me remind you, that both systems can be implemented to avoid some of the complaints.  #1 complaint being "Good players will get banned by admins"  It's a good point to bring up and I strongly agree it can / does and will happen.  It's hard to have it not with this type of setup, but I believe there are ways to minimize it - plenty of suggestions from others about that.  I run #1 ranked bo1 server currently [V3X] 24/7 Nuketown TDM.  We have very strict ban policy with #1 goal:  To protect the "Good Players" from being unjustly / wrongly banned.  You are welcome to check us out: 

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