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Remove Pay-to-Win Loot-Boxes From Video Games

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Nobody likes to have a disadvantage. That's why I believe that AAA Gaming Companies need to stop the Pay-to-Win mechanic of Loot-Boxes. Loot-Boxes are a way for companies get more money out of their consumers after they purchase their game. They are boxes that contain a random item or so that you may enjoy to have in your game or that you might not care about. These are okay if they are just cosmetic changes since they do not affect other peoples gameplay; however, in other games like the most recent Call of Duty, you can open a box and get an item that is statistically better than any other weapon you could unlock without money. I find this to be very unfair and biased towards people who wish to do well without spending extra money. A counter-argument would be that some games let you unlock things using in game currency; however, you get them very slowly that it is pointless to attempt to grind it out. I wish that these companies will stop these unfair practices and start being more fair to their consumers.

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