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Provide Dedicated Servers on PC Black Ops 2 with RCON access to ALL dvars!

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The failures of Matchmaking on the MW series are known by all and despite innumerable complaints, Activision has refused to make changes once it has money in hand. That is NOT continuous customer service; its an outright exploit of its surprisingly loyal gaming community. But that loyalty has been tested too much and its time for change! Some examples:

e.g. Former IW spokesperson Robert Bowling announcing that MW3 would function "just like CoD4" in terms of dedicated servers. This was an outright lie as Matchmaking was still the default mode and the UNRANKED servers had almost zero access to any of the dvars needed to run an effective server. 

Another example is the fact that VACs delayed ban system has contributed to more hacking then it has prevented. Leaving players in game, that are using VAC recognized hack programming, just to ban them 2 weeks later is absolutely unnecessary. GET THEM OUT OF THE GAME INSTANTLY and review later. The gaming community would appreciate seeing VAC at work instead of never knowing what it did with an obvious hacker. This failure is evidenced in the fact that BanCandy had to be brought into the PC arena to issue IW bans on top of VAC due to its inability to send a strong message against hacking (meaning the banning needs to be public to be truly preventative; sends a message to the tempted).

As much as I love the Call of Duty series, I will no longer pay money for less than superior service. To be taken advantage of in areas of widespread dissatisfaction when I have spent countless dollars on their game and map packs is unsustainable! I ask all who feel the same to sign this petition and get Activision/Treyarch to remember that ALL customers deserve superior treatment and satisfaction, not just certain ones on certain platforms.

Provide RANKED Dedicated Servers on Black Ops 2 for PC with full RCON admin access to ALL dvars and logfiles, or my loyalty/money will no longer be spent in the Activision market!

Signed by [iV] Cruse 

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