Now Activision, you have seriously crossed the line with Black Ops 4

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Dear Activision and Treyarch

Black Ops 4 will be, at launch, the only game that will have a Season Pass (Black Ops Pass) with maps locked behind a paywall. Giving us 12 maps (5 of them are remasters btw), 4 zombie maps (2 of them, probably, are remasters too) at launch, forcing the community to split between who has the pass and who hasn't.

Fortnite has free DLCs

RDR 2 will have free DLCs

BF V will have free DLCs (an EA game damnit)

PUBG has free DLCs

Fallout 76 will have free DLCs

You told us to "forget what you know", but clearly that wasn't refering to how post-launch content will be delivered. You removed the campaign too from your next CoD game, innovation it's not removing what already exists, it's improving and add new thing, new concepts.

We're asking you to rethink this post-launch content distribution model, taking inspiration from games that I wrote just above. This community has been quiet for too long, you're pushing this franchise to their limits and we can't really stand this anymore.

Thanks for the attention (sorry for my bad english) and have a good day everyone.

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