Call Of Duty: The Great War For Call Of Duty 2020

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One Of The Best Selling Franchises Ever Has Gave Us Some Classic Games And Maybe Not So Classic Games, Call Of Duty. With WWII Releasing Back In 2017, We Might See Call Of Duty Go At Historical Settings Again In The Future (Maybe). Why I Created This Petition Is For Call Of Duty Fans To Have A First World War Game. For This Petition, Is To Have The 2020 Call Of Duty To Be Based Of The Great War. And Good Ports For The Game Would Be PC, and Next Gen Playstation & Xbox consoles. And maybe PS4 and Xbox One. A lot Of People Would Love To See A Call Of Duty Game With A First World War Setting. One Cool Feature For The Game Would Be Riding Horses Through The Battlefield. What Do You Think? Should The Next Or A Future Call Of Duty Game Be Set In The First World War?