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Activision: Bring the gore back to the call of duty franchises

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This is a petition not demanding or telling but simply asking or requesting that activision brings the true gore back to call of duty.

There is a game of the activision company named call of duty: world at war. as a gamer in multiplayer I noticed that there was an intriguing amount of gore and realism in the game that satisfied me dearly but I also thought "maybe I could make a better game than this" even with no experience I thought that. I started looking up ways to be a game designer, graphic designer, and creative director because of the realism of that particular game. At times i was shocked when playing world at war but intrigued by the limbs being able to be shot of and blew off.

As activision started making other games such as call of duty: modern warfare 2, black ops, modern warfare 3, and black ops 2 I noticed that there was no more realistic based fighting/combat/tactical warfare included as far as from knifing the person or explosives. When it comes to an army game there should be realism period to let people know and realize how hard it is to be a soldier and what they have to go through as a person and/or soldier in battle. I love the call of duty franchises and I hated the feeling of not being able to kill the enemy even though I threw a grenade at their feet.

After the making of modern warfare 2 I have wondered for the longest now of activision even take multiplayer seriously at all. I even considered e-mailing them asking if they needed any help towards their game as far as ideas because it didn't seem as if they were thinking of every option of military actions in battle.

there has been a saying that underage kids are the reason that the gore and certain realism of battle has been taken out of the franchises and the only thing I have to say about underage kids playing M rated games is that it is going to happen and no one can stop them

What I have learned from playing video games is that it is a cope for the mind along with music, books, TV, and movies. The reason I want to start this petition is because the first call of duty game I played was call of duty: world at war and I was greatly satisfied. As the years past activision has slacked off and made it so that there is no actual death penalties in the game like real battles would be. One day I will be a creative director and I couldn't ever see a game that is about battle portraying in such a way that has the fans wondering "why"? All the time. I am a very passionate person when it comes to games because of me wanting to be in the industry so badly. I would call myself being a game enthusiast but most people wouldn't consider that a profession.

I have talked to a swarm of people online and this petition sounds crazy and to most people games aren't worth a glance or even to look at. I’m hoping that this petition will open activision blizzard's eyes.

all i ask of them is if they wont really ask the fans for ideas instead of adding weird but good ideas like diamond gold camos and personalization packs-that is too flashy but cool. Basically, you really lose sight in what a first-person shooting game based on army combat is about.

if i got off topic at a certain time then i very much apologize to anyone reading this.


sincerely  , Victor Brooks

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