Old Call of Duty games on Nintendo Switch

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I enjoyed playing the COD games back in the days. Sadly, the old games don‘t have good online lobbies anymore. As the games already exist, I‘d want to maybe see a Treyarch Trilogy (Waw, Bo1 and Bo2) on the Switch, for me they can still use the same engine as those games, just slightly more polished. And some time after we could get an infinity ward trilogy, having Mw1-Mw3. As rumors  say, Sledgehammer doesn‘t work on the new Call of Duty‘s anymore, so why not port the old ones over to the Switch? Relieving old times is great and I wouldn‘t regret buying the games again for the Switch as long as DLC‘s would be included from the start and if not, as long as they‘re free or at least way cheaper than 15€ per DLC. Please make this dream come true.