Implement duplicate protection for epic Hearthstone cards

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Every Hearthstone player is familiar with the different levels of rarity for cards, and the elusiveness of the high-rarity cards makes them into the coveted commodities that drive Hearthstone's card sales. 

The addictive gambling mechanics involved in collectable card games are now the AAA industry standard. Game studios focus on the whales - a tiny fraction of the player base willing to pay thousands of dollars for a chance at a full collection.  

An accepted part of these mechanics is that every player receives cards they do not want, but frequently, they receive numerous additional copies of epic cards already in their collections. The game does allow cards to be exchanged, in a way, but this can only be done at a 4:1 ratio. Some have even come to speculate that Blizzard's algorithm intentionally produces duplicate cards.

It is clear that the vast majority of players want something better, but we have never organized in a meaningful way. The Hearthstone community has requested this change many times, but we have been told to accept the status quo. Many players have simply stopped playing or purchasing altogether... After all, what power does one player have to effect change?

Blizzard is aware of the wearying effect this has on its players, and we know that changes can be made. In 2017, the Hearthstone development team implemented duplicate protection for Legendary cards, and rival online CCG Magic the Gathering: Arena already enforces duplicate protection for their equivalent of epic cards.

So let's make them reconsider.


By signing this petition, I affirm that I will not purchase card packs using real currency until my purchase is protected from duplicate epic cards.

  • I currently pay for packs and will not make further purchases until this change is implemented; or
  • I currently play for free, and this change would greatly incentivize me to make purchases in the future.

Whether you implement duplicate protection like the kind seen in Legendary cards or allow duplicate epic cards to be disenchanted for their full value, the existing system is inherently alienating and will not be sustainable. I genuinely enjoy playing your game, so I hope you make this change soon for the betterment of the community and long-term success of the game.