Warning at Activision Blizzard: Do not layoff workers!

Warning at Activision Blizzard: Do not layoff workers!

September 15, 2021
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Activision Blizzard gamers [MAUs]
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Started by Blizzplanet

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{This letter was originally written by Blizzplanet (18-year site), not a Blizzard employee.}

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It has come to our attention via VICE that there might be company-wide plans to layoff or retaliate against Activision Blizzard workers who:

  • Participated in the California DFEH lawsuit complaints; and/or
  • Participated in the #Walkout; and/or
  • Were vocal in social media about investigations or complaints; and/or
  • Seek to unionize and discussed it; and/or
  • Are under company surveillance; and/or
  • Are part of the CODE-CWA/ABetterABK complaint filed with NLRB; and/or
  • communicate or discuss ongoing investigations of wages, and work conditions; etc.

If Activision Blizzard, Activision, King, or Blizzard executes a layoff or firing of these individuals, I (the undersigned) shall immediately cancel my World of Warcraft subscription; or any Activision/ Blizzard/ King subscription; or cancel any pending pre-order; or not purchase upcoming Activision/ Blizzard/ King video games or services effective immediately.

We will also be vocal online about why we did so, and reach out to the press and your top stockholders. You have been warned. We won't tolerate this behavior.

You must immediately terminate WilmerHale, any retaliation plans, and allow workers to unionize if they seek so. Only then may you be worth of claiming to set the example of the video games industry concerning discrimination, harassment or unequal treatment.

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Signatures: 295Next Goal: 500
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