Corporate Theft and Loss of Income

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Kyle Figueroa
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Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI) has numerous complications with their products and services and provide no explanation as to what caused them. The company has so far committed corporate theft by erasing or deleting product accounts and all additional purchases that are related to the product(s). Loss of income has also been a major result of these complications as many customers use streaming platforms and/or participate in competitive competitions as a main source of income or secondary income to meet their living needs. The company has no means of reliable support and it is nearly impossible to get problems resolved as a result of that. This corporation should be held liable for all losses that occurred due their lack of service and infrastructure complications. This should also be a concern to stockholders of this corporation, as continuing behavior will cause a decline in the customer base as it has severely in the past years. A decline in customer and user base results in a decrease in sales and revenue for the corporation, which in return will cause security prices to decrease and margins will be lost on the corporations equity securities. This company needs to take action and take responsibility for their customers and stockholders, which is required by several federal and private regulatory requirements.