Save Stockwood Park Golf Club!! Do not let the council or active Luton close it down!!

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Keep Stockwood Park Golf Club open. 
There is currently an open consultation with plans to close the golf centre due to significant shortfall in budget due to COVID-19.

Golf is one of the only sports that has been open and can be played socially distanced during COVID-19 (except during lockdowns). Stockwood Park Golf Centre is a gem in our town, it caters for all ages and is an affordable golf centre. During the summer when many where struggling because of COVID the golf course was fully booked every day bringing in substantial revenue and providing enjoyment and physical exercise to the local community during a difficult time. This is a PUBLIC golf course and many walkers/runners also use this space for exercise. 
This golf course is enjoyed by young children up to senior citizens, by families and friends. At a time when people need these facilities do not let the council take them away. 

Please sign the petition to save our golf centre.