Action from Blaenau Gwent council to bring Abertillery town back to its former glory.

Action from Blaenau Gwent council to bring Abertillery town back to its former glory.

10 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Morgan Ford

Abertillery was  one of the top towns in the valleys. People  came from out of town to shop here and the town  thrived was looked after and was full of shops and community spirit.

Fast forward  to today and the town is a shell of its former self.  The local council has made  decisions that has negatively impacted our town and wasted a lot of money.

The road in church street has been narrowed and pavements  made wider a few years ago and this has had a knock on effect of no big shops can come  here as the lorries used for deliveries cant get up the street and unload a delivery.  To gain more shops in the town to progress as a community this needs to be corrected. 

Litter picking is done in the town and fare play the man is excellent. However we need the actual streets cleaned power washed on a regular basis. At present to my knowledge we are lucky to get the pavements  cleaned every few years. The pavements  are green look dreadful and are slippery.  A regular schedule for cleaning is needed.

Dog mess in the town needs addressing.  Mobile cameras  may be an option to catch people and more dog bins provided. The dog bins  need more regular  emptying as they are always  full with extra bags thrown on top.

We need a fare share of funding and progression as the rest of blaenau gwent.  Ideas need to be to progress the town not just to justify bad decisions.  Example  of this. The church at top of church street was going to be rebuilt and repurposed as a indoor market this was a brilliant idea to help the community. This then changed to becoming  a benefit food shop for people on low incomes. But now the library is going to be moved into there. The library where it is had a lot of money spent  on it a few years  ago and doesnt need to be moved into a new build. This wont do anything to progress the town. This building  needs to be used for its origanol purpose of indoor  market. 

Seemingly everytime the council decide to help abertillery it doesnt materialise.  The old post  office was going to be moved and the council office next to it was going to move to ebbwvale or mitre street i believe. The  building then extended and a call centre was coming here . Brilliant idea to create employment. This  never materialized and the council just ended up with  a bigger building. 

The council have a  building in mitre street. Surely one building is enough for a small town. 

And as stated above you want to use another building for council service the library moving to the chapel. 

These are some of if not the biggest buildings in the town that are not being used to thier full potential. 

We dont even  have public toilets. 

Some form of capping the amount of same business needs to be looked at.  This can be as simple  as the council addressing landlords with information of a list of shops here and ask them to consider new businesses over whats already here.  

Feel free to add other changes to be considered in the comments.  We simply want our town to cone back to life. 

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Signatures: 327Next Goal: 500
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