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Bring Medicare for All Back to the Table   :)



***ACTION ALERT for Single Payer***   :)



Write Your Representative Today!

It's time to take action for SINGLE-PAYER NATIONAL HEALTH CARE!

The media are focusing on the debate between Democrats promoting Obamacare
and 'Tea Party' activists who are determined to block any health care reform at all.  Whether Obamacare gets passed in Congress or Republicans succeed in defeating reform legislation, the for-profit health insurance companies will win and the rest of us will lose.

These are the worst economic times since the Great Depression and we need healthcare that is cost-effective for ALL.  Single-Payer will reduce health care costs by as much as a third and reduce 'rationing' -- no more for-profit insurance company overhead, administrative costs, and skyrocketing CEO salaries.  Single-Payer will allow everyone to choose their physicians and hospitals, and no American will ever again face financial ruin over an illness or injury.

Take Action now!  Write your representative here!

Tell your legislators that Single Payer makes economic sense and business sense.   Here are simple talking points you can use in messages to your congresspersons.

Single-payer will boost the ailing US economy and provide relief for businesses large and small, because it will cancel the high expense and administrative burden of employer-based health care.At 3% administrative costs, Medicare (which would become universal under single payer) is very efficient compared to the 15-30% administrative costs of for-profit insurance.Single-payer will relieve cities, towns and school boards from having to bear the cost of providing health insurance to employees, allowing responsible officials to reduce their budgets and lower local property taxes.Single-payer gives government and citizens a stake in preventive medicine and promotion of good health habits to keep costs down.

Don't let Democratic and Republican politicians destroy hope for real health care reform.  Don't be fooled: Obamacare won't provide health care for all Americans.  It will drive up heatlh care costs and impose 'mandates' that result in multi-million-dollar taxpayer-funded subsidies to insurance companies.  Obamacare is not the solution.  The only real solution to America's health care crisis is Single-Payer.  Please write your representative

and tell them we need Medicare for All.

More information:

Please show your support for the Green Party of the United States, the only political party that stands firmly for a Single Payer Health Care System, and for health care as a right as the most practical way to ensure our nation's health security.  Your gift of any amount will strengthen the Green Party's voice for Single Payer.

Sustainers are our base of support, enabling us to count upon a base level of income each month to pay staff, sustain our Washington DC office, and support advocacy of issues like Single Payer.  Many people find that it is more affordable to spread their donation out monthly.  During our time together in Durham, we called for an increase in monthly sustainers from 250 to 500.  With your help we can meet the $10,000 per month goal.  You can start your sustainer here.  If you are already a sustainer, please consider increasing your level by as much as you can by contacting Brian Bittner at or 202-319-7191. 

If you would prefer or are better able to give a one-time donation, your support will be put to good use as we move forward.   Remember, The Green Party takes no money from real estate companies, investment firms, or insurance companies. In fact, we don't take any corporate money because we think corporate money in politics is wrong.





Today We Honor Greens   :)

As the Nobel Prize awards continue to be announced from Oslo this week, the Green Party of the United States looks to honor those who support the Green Party despite the incredible support the international community has given to President Obama's version of "peace".

Despite Tuesday's Washington Post report that President Obama has secretly authorized 13,000 more American soldiers to continue the occupation of Afghanistan - in addition to an announced increase of over 20,000 soldiers - the Nobel Peace Prize committee chose to honor his promises to bring about change.

We honor the Green Party members, supporters, candidates, and donors who are helping create real change by supporting the real alternative to corporate, war-making politics.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee chose to honor President Obama's promise to end the American-led war in Iraq, yet over 100,000 American troops still occupy that country.

We honor the hundreds of thousands of Americans who voted for Green Party candidates in 2008 in an attempt to put real leaders into power - leaders who follow up on their promises, work for real peace, and work to save lives, not put them in harm's way.

The Nobel Peace Prize committee chose to honor President Obama's promises to work for poor people around the world, and to re-shape our economic policies to keep the rich from getting richer and the middle-class and poor from continued suffering.  Yet the day before his Nobel Peace Prize was awarded, President Obama's Department of Defense requested $680 billion more in defense spending for the Pentagon.

We honor those who don't have million-dollar defense contracts but still chose to give what they can to support the Green Party.  We honor those who work every day to expose the corporate backing of our elected officials in Washington and the favors those corporation get in return for their "investment".

We honor the thosands of Greens who have participated in actions against the Bush and Obama administration's war plans for Iraq and Afghanistan, and we honor those who will once again take to the streets on October 17th in a national day of actions against those wars.

We honor YOU - the supporters of the Green Party of the United States - and once against ask you to support us as we work from the grassroots to elect local and county, state, and Congressional leaders who will take a real stand for peace and will be able to back up the Peace Prizes they win with actions, not just hope and promises.

Please help us fulfill our mission by donating to the Green Party today.  We don't take ANY corporate money because we think corporate money in politics is wrong.  If you want to help us work for peace, please help us today.  Your donation to the Green Party will help us make sure we have a strong Green Party today and into the future.

You can help us reach the goal we set in July at our national meeting of funding our operations with the help of 500 sustainers giving $10,000 a month by the end of 2009.  Click here to become a sustaining donor to the Green Party today!

Your gift of any amount will help to strengthen our voice so that we can make our vision a reality.  With your help we can provide support for candidates and spread the Green message.  If you have given recently, please consider giving more.  And, if you haven't given in some time, please make today the day you give.


Office: PO Box 57065 Washington, D.C. 20037 202-319-7191 or toll-free (US): 866-41GREEN

We are not the alternative - we are the imperative. Rosa Clemente

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