Action South Side School Bus Services

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Action Bus Services Canberra are planning to cancel many, if not all, south side school buses. This is due to the new tram services that have recently been constructed in the north side of Canberra. Those who live in the north side of Canberra will be able to use these tram services, but those on the south side will not as it does not go anywhere near the south side. In fact, the closest the Action tram will stop to the south side is 13.7km away from Woden Valley, 14.2km away from Weston Creek and 26.0km away from Tuggeranong (Google Maps, 2019). As you can see, if Action Canberra cancels school buses for students in these areas, it becomes near impossible to travel to school on time or without waking up at 5am, especially if these students attend a school on the north side. There are some potential public buses that students could catch to school, but many of these are also being cancelled or will take up to three hours by bus as many bus routes are being altered to compensate.