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Get Rona Ambrose to meet with me to discuss food safety and GMO labelling in Canada as soon as possible. This is an urgent and important issue that our country is very behind on.

64 countries around the world have GMO labelling laws. Dozens of them, including 3rd world countries, have completely banned GMOs altogether. Why are we so behind?

 Many highly respected scientists around the world have been expressing extreme concern about the dangers of Genetically Modified Organisms in our food and the environment. There are many countries far less fortunate than us who are doing a better job at protecting their citizens from GMOs. We live in a first world, democratic country, and yet we currently do NOT have the freedom to choose between non-GMO and GMO foods because GMO labelling is not mandatory.

I love being Canadian, but I'm embarrassed to be one of the last countries in the free world that does not honour its citizens' RIGHT TO KNOW AND RIGHT TO CHOOSE what we eat! Let's finally make this a law!

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    Hon. Rona Ambrose

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