Demand federal troops leave Portland (OR) immediately

Demand federal troops leave Portland (OR) immediately

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Started by Amber Cook

Donald Trump is losing in the polls.  To make a show of strength and try to regain some respect with conservative voters, he sent federal troops to Portland, OR.  A well-known hub of liberals and peaceful protestors.  Neither our mayor or our governor asked for them.  No one asked for them.  We weren't asked if we wanted them.  And we don't.  We want them gone.  

We DEMAND that they be removed immediately.

These troops have invaded our city and are using secret police tactics to intimidate and bully us into submission. They are injuring us, and kidnapping us.  They roam Portland in unmarked uniforms and unmarked vehicles, running us over, firing on peaceful protestors and dragging others away into vans and SUVs without a word. And the vast amounts of tear gas and pepper spray in use is unconscionable.   

Trump's propaganda claims that Portland is a war zone of riots.  But we who live here can tell you that 99% of the protests are peaceful, even after 47 days of them.  What his administration doesn't like, is that Portlanders are willing to stand up and insist our police force become fair, transparent and accountable, and end racist behaviors—and we're not stopping the protests until it happens.  His choice to send in heavily armed troops to smash those protests shows us how scared he is that the rest of the country will be emboldened to follow suit, and join with other powerful and successful protests against him in the last couple of months in this and in all the other issues we find completely unacceptable.

Please sign this petition to tell Trump, the gung-ho head of Homeland Security, and our own police chief that this is still a democracy, that peaceful protests are a vital part of a healthy and progressive country, and that as Americans, we will not tolerate federal troops being used to suppress and harm its citizens and inhabitants.  




2,840 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!