Act To Suspend Rent & Real Estate Financial Obligations During COVID-19

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In this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, New Yorkers cannot be expected to maintain rent, leases, mortgages, and related tax obligations. This is an urgent call to all city and state officials in New York to 1) Declare all residential tenants, commercial tenants, and property owners are SAFE to remain in their respective situations without fear of retaliation, default, eviction, seizure, arrest, nor deportation of any kind and  2) Temporarily suspend the financial obligations of all people transacting in real estate matters - whether that be residential tenants, commercial tenants, property owners, and government parties.  

We know that city and state officials will ask New Yorkers to come together for the sake of our collective health, safety, and security - and for the most vulnerable among us - our very survival. We know that you will ask us not to panic. But without these two immediate measures in place, we are panicking and we are scrambling - because we cannot yet afford to do otherwise in the face of losing everything. We need our city and state officials to give us a clear path that is free from fear of COVID-19 rendering us homeless, hungry, and bankrupt as this unfolds. 

We recognize that on a normal day, this ask is absurd. We recognize the task before you is not normal, and it must feel impossible to know what's right. But this is a pandemic, and we need you to act now. This is what's right. Taking these two measures has the power to greatly diminish the impact of this virus, and the devastation that will undeniably lie in its wake. We hope you can see that the cost of not acting swiftly presents a far greater danger to us all, and will test the bounds of our humanity in ways we'd rather not imagine. 

Please give us a way through - so we can go home and be at peace at home. Help us ensure that the New York we all know and love, can come through this together and thrive, long after the COVID-19 crisis has passed. We need your promise that our bodies, our homes, and our businesses are secure in the here and now - and our great State of New York will be waiting for us on the other side.

We need to know you see us. We need to know you care about us, and are ready to act on that care. 

For the sake of all New Yorkers heath, safety, and security - please pass these measures immediately.